StudioHub by Radio Systems
DA 2x8SH Distribution Amplifier
Combining the best of two worlds - Radio Systems' famous ultra low-noise and low-distortion Audio Distribution Amplifiers are now available with StudioHub+ connectivity.StudioHub+ provides instant plug-and-play RJ-45 stereo connections to DA inputs and outputs, speeding initial installation and simplifying changes and troubleshooting. Wire all connections with CAT-5 twisted pair or use pre-made standard Ethernet-style patch cords for additional wiring efficiency.All "SH" model products are circuit optimized for CAT-5 connectivity performance. This means that the inputs use instrumentation amplifiers, for ideal differential input balancing, ensuring the units excellent crosstalk specifications. Outputs utilize "electronic transformer" floating circuitry allowing traditional transformer style (one leg tied to the ground) wiring to unbalanced sources with maximum output levels unaffected.

  • Stereo / Eight Output Configuration
  • StudioHub+ RJ-45 rear panel connectivity
  • Front-Panel L/R level sets
  • Internal low-noise torroidal transformer
  • Front-Panel audio presence and overload LED indicators
  • 110/220 Volt internal voltage selectable

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StudioHub by Radio Systems
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