StudioHub+ Ready

The StudioHub+ ready program provides any company with no-charge development information and engineering samples to implement the StudioHub+ connectivity standard with their products.

Please note: StudioHub+ connectivity differs from older StudioHub products. Please contact the factory prior to implementing StudioHub standards in your products.

To implement StudioHub+ compatible connectivity in your manufactured analog or digital audio product, your product must conform to the following pinout standards.

Use a shielded RJ-45 (8 pin) female connector. Recommended vendor and part numbers are:

  • Stewart SS-650810S-A-NF Vertical PC Mount Stewart SS-640810S-A-NF-A111 Right Angle PC Moun
  • PC Mount Stewart may be contacted at 717/235-7512 or on the internet at
  • All audio signals must be electronically balanced.

StudioHub+ is the CAT5 wiring standard of shielded cables, adapters and connectors, all made to plug-and-play your studio. Add powered panels, matchjacks, tie-lines, patch panels and switchers to expand connectivity and functionality.

StudioHub by Radio Systems
StudioHub+ Application Specific Solutions for these Manufacturers
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