Radio Systems Millenium Analog, Digital, Network & RS Series Consoles Support

116 – Post Fader, Pre On-Off Switch Patch Point
117 – Patch Point Relay for Switching Between Stereo and Mono with Processing Inputs
118 – Penny & Giles Fader Cleaning Procedure
119 – Calculating IAD Pads
120 – Power Supply Conversion from 120V AC to 120-240V AC
121 – Output Board Modification for use with Super Clock
122 – Blind Beeper Modification
123 – Skimmer Control
124 – Remote On-Off Switching and Lamp Control
125 – Tascam 32 Record Start Pulse Board
126 – Instructions for Six Input-Output Mix-Minus
127 – Instructions for Modifying console meter strap from Hoyt to Modutec Meters
128 – Denon 951FA CD Interface
129 – Output Board RF Bypassing
130 – RFI Troubleshooting
131 – Millenium Console Power Up with Channel On
132 – Post Fader Patch Point for RS Series Consoles
133 – Post Fader Patch Point for Millenium Series Consoles
134 – Modifying the Output Board for Headphone-Cue Split

140 – Talkback Control Lead Buffering for Remote Relay Activation
141 – Removing the Digital Output Board for Service or Repair
142 – Mic On/Off/Cough Push Button Wiring
143 – Replacing Obsolete VCA 2150A
144 – Remote Output for Millenium Console Cue (on) state
145 – Millenium Network Console – Password Reset for Livewire Browser Screens
146 – Instructions for Creating and Using an Outboard Processing Chain in Millenium Digital Consoles
147 – Millenium Power Supply Replacement Module
148 – Millenium A Telephone Bus Post Fader / Pre ON/OFF Modification

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