Millenium Remote Control PROMS

Type Cut Over Date Revison Programmed IC
Part Number
Click for pdf of wiring
and use instructions
Original release version Nov 1997 A n/a 11045
Crosstalk correction April 2002 B n/a 14503
a) Console “OFF LED” may now be illuminated regardless of console mode (on or off)
b) JU200 added  to disengage cue when the channel is turned on
c) Diode D133 was added
October 2003 C n/a 14917
For both Analog and Digital Consoles September 2005 D Release 14917 (analog)
15275 (digital)
Updated PIC processor

Added future function to allow cue
switch to function as mix bus switch.

  E A 15504 (analog)
15506 (digital)
New standard version supports new remote cue function for IFB functions October 2010 F B 18406 (analog)
18407 (digital)

Special Purpose Control PROMS

A/B select E&F n/a 17042 (analog)
On/Off & AB select B n/a 14844 (analog)
On/Off & AB select E&F n/a 18378 (analog)
Visually Impaired E&F n/a 18389 (analog)
Visually Impaired n/a A&B 18388 (digital)
Learfield Forced Bus C;D;E&F n/a 15401 (analog)

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