StudioHub is Back!

StudioHub Is Back!
Angry Audio Acquires StudioHub Line From Radio Systems

Angry Audio announces the purchase of StudioHub, the famous brand of RJ45 adapters, cables, and studio accessories that pioneered the use of CAT5 cabling for broadcast audio.

“Like everyone else in the industry, I was shocked when I heard the news that StudioHub was no longer available,” says Angry Audio founder Michael “Catfish” Dosch. “I heard from many radio engineers who were quite unhappy. That’s why I’m so glad to be able to say – StudioHub is back, baby!”

The entire line of genuine StudioHub products that broadcast pros depend upon are available again, including popular RJ45F-to-XLRF/M, RJ45F-to-RCA, RJ45F-to-1/4” TRS, and RJ45F-to-1/8” TRS adapters. MatchJack audio converters are back along with patch panels, tie-lines, headphone amps, breakout boxes, power supply inserters, logic dongles, button panels and more — all with the widely-adopted StudioHub+ pinout embraced by Axia and other equipment vendors.

You can view the complete StudioHub ecosystem online, and purchase from the finest broadcast equipment dealers around the world. Visit for all the details.

About Angry Audio LLC
Headquartered in Music City, USA (Nashville, Tennessee), Angry Audio makes the gadgets and gizmos that solve difficult studio problems for professional broadcasters and podcasters. Visit or write for information. Remember: problems disappear when you get Angry.

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